Studio Price List
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Horse-Drawn Productions - Studio Price List
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Studio A Rate (includes engineer) including live room (live band tracking)....$75/hr $60/hr
Studio A Rate (includes engineer) without live room....$65/hr $50/hr
Studio Indigo (includes engineer)…$50/hr $40/hr
Studio Indigo with live room (live band tracking)…$60/hr $50/hr
Bartley Control Room (Discount Rate) $45/hr $35/hr
Studio A 6-hour block....$400 (includes live room) $350
Studio A 6-hour block…$350 (no live room)  $260
Studio A Full Day Lock-out (includes engineer)…$700 $500
Studio Indigo Full Day Lock-out (includes engineer)…$500 $350
Mastering $60/song or $500/album $40/song or $350/album *best deal
Studio A (3) 6-hour lockouts (must be no more than 3 sessions within 14 days) ....$1100
Premium (Full) Studio Lock Out (includes ALL rooms)…$100/hour or $800/day
Audio / Video Production Demo Package (includes audio and video recording)…$150/hr
Studio Indigo 6-hour block ....$260 $200
Bartley Control 6-hour block....$230 $190
Studio A Rate (no engineer)... $45/hr or $350/day (12 hours)  $30/hr or $300/day
Indigo Room Rate (no engineer)... $30/hr or $300/day (12 hours)  $20/hr or $200/day
Live Room / Classroom (includes PA)…$25/hr $20/hr
Rehearsal Room (includes small PA)…$15/hr
Rehearsal Recording (1 hour) flat rate $25
Computer, Instrument and equipment repair…$50/hr (includes free estimate)
Studio Design and Consultation…$50/hr
Equipment Storage…$8/day or $40/week
House Engineer / Programmer rate (location)......$40/hr
Technician (location)…$150 for 1st 2 hours, $50/hr after that
Production (per track)....$300 plus studio time
Programming / Songwriting / Composition (per track).....$50 - $1200
Production / Creation Package (one track - includes studio time).....$299 - $2500
Hip Hop and Pop beats…$99 - $400
In-house Rhythm Section - Each Musician (2 hrs)....$100, or $75 per song
each additional hour per musician.......$45
Lead Sheets / Copyist......$40/hr
Lessons....$88/month (half-hour weekly) or $175/month (hour weekly) $44/hr or $22 for half-hour

Track Creation / Production Rates:
2 track delivered to artist..... $350.00
Production demo - on staff producer present to aid and oversee production.
*may include live musicians.....$500.00

Pro Rate:
Production plus:
Exclusive right to release and distribute produced composition.
Access to on staff musicians.....$1,000.00

Track Buy out:
Producer relinquishes all rights to composition. Producer must be credited
in liner notes...... $2,500.00

Mix plus Production Package:
We track your vocals, and mix the track!......$650
(This package may not apply to all demo tracks)

All tracks are leased in the demo packages.
Producer/Creator retains all music rights contributed to composition.

Steve “FunkWorm” Butler has joined forces with Horse Drawn Productions to develop a multi-level marketing consulting service for independent artists. This service consists of 3 separate service packages:

Starter: $500
This package includes the set up for a professional electronic press kit (epk) that can be viewed online and distributed throughout the Internet.
An EPK is a complete digital bio of the artist that includes music , biography and photos in a professional looking display.
Includes: set-up, consulting for choices of artist's photos and music to add to press kit, on staff writer to interview and construct a professionally written bio for artist and the filming and editing of a video interview.

Deluxe: $1,250
Includes everything in the starter pagckage plus: Photographer for an artist photoshoot. Consulting for artist social Internet marketing like, how to effectively use Myspace, Twitter, Facebook etc...Plus expanded video bio footage of artist in a recording studio, in the recording booth and creative environment to enhance the image of the artist.
Premier:  $2,000
Includes everything in the starter and deluxe package but includes the filming of an artist showcase in a controlled environment. We'll film and edit the performance of two songs in a stage-like setting with a professional mix of the performance.
Additional consultation is available for $40/hr

CD-R / DVD...................$3 (at time of session)
DVD BU (mac or pc).....$20 (up to 4.4 gb of data each disc)
Audio CD copies..........$10 (outside of session) each
Archive Retrieval.........$20 per DVD (4.4 gb), or $20 with client-supplied hard drive (up to 50 gb)

*Instruments available through In-house rhythm section: vocals, DJ, drumset, percussion (everything imaginable-incl. pitched perc.), keyboards, organ, guitar, electric bass, electric fretless bass, soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute, piccolo and harmonica.

All track editing, Auto-tuning, "fixes," Band & Vocal edits, and vocal comping may be done under the same studio/engineer rates with no additional charge.

Sorry, but all payments must be made daily, and no masters shall be released prior to full payment.
To reserve studio time, a 25% deposit is required.
Call 773-463-7970 for more info