Studio Design
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Studio Design & Construction

The HDP construction team is compromised of creative and talented carpenters working directly with Eric Yoder.  This division of the company can devise a sound studio for any budget, from a basement project studio to world class sonic perfection.

This work includes complete room design, sound-proofing, acoustic planning, and equipment wiring, including patchbays, custom harnesses, IT installations, system configuration, and home and business networks.

We deal with the two most important factors of any recording or performing environment: sound isolation and acoustics.  Every situation is different, and everyone has specific agendas they are working towards.  This is why planning your steps is crucial.  We can help maximize your space usage, and give you a more efficient working environment.

Your own studio needs to not only sound good, but it must inspire you to create as well.  We have developed a sonic strategy over the years that presents solutions for all kinds of problematic sound environments.

Studios all across the Chicagoland area represent Horse-Drawn designs.  A few key studios include Leo Burnett, Greenhouse Productions, Last Laugh Productions, R. Kelly’s first productions studio at Chicago Trax, the original Horse-Drawn Studios, and of course, the massive Horse-Drawn complex.

Give us your budget, your ideas, and your goals.  We will come up with solutions for your needs, maximizing your efficiency and delivering you to the next level of success.  Below are a few examples of our previous designs.