Rehearsal Space
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Horse-Drawn is here to help you polish your musical product.  We offer several different options for rehearsing with your band.  Our regular space is $15 per hour, and includes backline for a rhythm section: Drumset, bass rig, guitar rig and PA for vocals and keyboards.  The room is also wired into the recording studios, so we have the ability to record your rehearsals at an affordable rate.  There is also a Mac workstation to access the internet, print lyrics, etc.

Our premium rehearsal facility is actually our live room, located across the hall from Studio A.  This room has been designed by Eric Yoder for optimum sound projection, and ideal acoustics for any live project.  This room also has full PA with optional monitor wedges, and ties in to both studios for optional recording as well.  This room is $25 per hour.

We will be featuring a live internet feed from this room, so you can show the world your new project both live and in the studio.  Stay tuned for more information.

Live Room

Rehearsal Room

MIDI Drums

Rehearsal Organ

Green Room Work

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