Equipment List
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Trident 65 Series Analog Mixer
Trident S100 Analog Mixer
Yamaha DM2000 Digital Mixer
Mackie 1604 mixer
Yamaha MG16 powered mixer

Software / Editing
Pro Tools HD Accel 3+
Pro-Tools modified 24 Bit MIX Plus + System
w/Universal Slave Driver, 888, ADAT bridges (2)
Presonus Faderport
Yamaha DM2000 24-channel fader controller
Logic Audio Pro
Cubase, Reason, FL Studio, Sonar
Finale Music Notation

Ampex ATR-104 1/2” analog tape machine
Apogee DA-8000 and Rosetta 800
Presonus D8
Tascam DA-88
Yamaha CD Recorder
ADATs (2) w/BRC
Fostex D5 Multi-track Recorder
Panasonic 3800 DAT machine
Denon CD
Tascam CD A700 CD / Cassette recorder
Sony DTC 59ES & A6 DAT machines

FX / Outboard Gear:

Full Complement of Pro Tools and Logic Pro Plug-ins
T.C. Electronics M2000, M5000 w/Mastering Software, 2290 Digital Delay
Avalon 737sp Mic Pre / EQ / Compressor (2)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X with British Mod (2)
Apogee AD-8000, Rosetta 800 AD/DA converters
Chandler / Neve LTD-2 class A compressor
Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951 EQ
Lexicon PCM 60, PCM 70
Neve 1272’s (2)
Sherman Filterbank
Manley/Pultec tube EQ
Crane Song STC-8 class A compressor
Focusrite ISA 115 HD Mic Pre /EQ (2)
dbx 160 XT 160 X, 160 XT tube compressors, 760 mic pre, 576 mic pre/comp
Behringer Composers (compressor/gates) (2) & MDX2200 (comp/gate) (2)
Ensoniq DP/4
Presonus ACP88 8-channel compressor, Digimax D8 8-channel preamp
MEQ digital programmable EQ
Peavey EQ-31 1/3 octave EQ
Aphex Aural Exciter
Digitech Studio Vocalist EX
DeltaLab ADM1020 Digital Delay
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Alesis, Soundcraft, Kenwood, Peavey, QSC Power Amps
Guitar / Bass FX including wah, talkbox, distortion, envelopes, filters, etc.
HDP has an extended library, including over 500 sample/loop CD’s.
All total, HDP has a library of over 500 GB of sounds, sound FX, loops, etc.
HDP has one the largest sample
libraries anywhere!

Genelec 1030’s & 1031’s w/1092A Subwoofer
Yamaha NS10’s, C115V’s with Samson RS155 subwoofer
Tannoy Studio Monitors with Polk Audio Subwoofer
Auratone & Insignia home reference monitors
AKG 240M headphones
Sony Monitor Headphones
JBL PA Mains/Monitor Wedges
Behringer HA4600, HA8000 headphone amps
Furman HA6AB Headphone Amp with expansion boxes (3)

Detailed analog and digital patchbays allow noiseless interaction
between gear, providing a user-friendly sonic sketch pad.

Samplers / MIDI gear:
Sample Cell II (w/complete CD library)
E-mu Orbit V2, Planet Phatt, Vintage Keys, Proteus 2000
Roland JV 2080, A-90EX, TD-7, D110
Alesis D4, S4+
Peavey SP Samplers (2)
SE-1 (MIDI Moog)
Complete Arsenal of Soft Synths
Extensive Library of Sample/Loop Libraries
All total, HDP has a library of over 500 GB of sounds

Lawson U47 tube, AEA R84 Ribbon
Audio technica 4050, 4033, 825, ST90 (2), MB 4000C, AP 1000HE
Neuman U87, Oktava MK-219
Shure Beta 58, Beta 52, Beta 91, SM81 (2), SM57, Beta 87 (2), BZT A131066J
Blue Baby Bottle, Bluebird, Woodpecker Ribbon
Beyer M88, Rode NTK, MXL M3000
Sennheiser 521, 421 (2), E-604 (2)
MXL 3000, 990 (2)
AKG C12VR, 414B-XLII (2), D3700, D112, C410, CK 9, Perception
Electo Voice N/D 257B, 468 (2)
Optimus 33-3017
Sony ECM-33F (BE)
Atus PR335

Full in-house rhythm section (including horns)
Hammond C-3 Organ w/Leslie Speaker
Guitars: Gretch Hollow-Body (2), Ibanez, Stratocaster, Telecaster Electric, Series 10, Yamaha Acoustics (6 String, 12 String & Classical), Epiphone Les Paul Jr, & SG, Banjo, Mandolin, Baritone Ukulele
Basses: Fender Jazz Custom 5-String, Warwick Fretless, Custom 6 String, Acoustic Upright, Ernie Ball Music Man Bass, Chapman Stick
All Saxes & Woodwinds
Every drum & percussion instrument imaginable (too numerous to list)
Amps:  VOX AC30, Fender Twin Pro Reverb, Fender Blues Jr. (tube), 2x12, Farfisa Organ/Bass amp, Line 6 Amp Farm & Pod, Auratone, Hartke Bass Amp (4X10 cabinets), SWR 15” cabinet, Ampeg SVT bass rig, Marshall JCM800, JCM900 tube 1/2 stacks, Motion Sound Amp, Orange Cabinet 412,
Complete Sound EFX library

Live Room Session

Snare Drums


Sonor Drums