Recording Studio
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The Horse-Drawn Productions recording studio in Chicago features multiple Mac computers running each room, with both Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro with full complement of plug-ins, add ons, and software.  Control Room A renders audio on digital and analog media, using a customized Ampex ½” tape machine,
with Eric Yoder’s unique “print through tape” design, allowing real-time analog tracking straight to hard disk.  Control Room A also features 2 consoles, both
digital (Yamaha DM2000) and analog (Trident 65 Series) for the most demanding clients.  Both rooms boast over 100 digital tracks.

Our in-house server provides one of the most largest and in-depth sample, application and music libraries anywhere on the planet.  All rooms are connected via analog patchbays, digital routing, and a gigabit ethernet computer network.

HDP has every imaginable sound in their system, offering a wide range of programming options, and live instruments, such as: acoustic piano, keyboard, guitar, electric bass, electric fretless bass, soprano & tenor sax, clarinet, flute, piccolo and orchestral percussion; every sound for every need. - (see equipment list.)

Video Capture and Production:
Horse-Drawn has officially added video recording and production to their arsenal in 2012,  providing you with the most current and dynamic technology in video production.  Fil Kinetic has been in the industry for many years, and also has a colorful track record.  Whether its an artist video on youtube, or elaborate production for your business needs, HDP can provide you with the best product at a competitive price.

HDP has the following rooms:
Control Room A (with both digital and analog capabilities)
Indigo Mastering Suite
Bartley Control Room
Live Room w/ floated floor (includes baby grand acoustic piano and Hammond B-3 organ)
Vocal / Isolation Booth
Green Room / Rehearsal Room / Tracking Room
Indigo Drum / Vocal Room
Amplifier Isolation Cabinet
Mini Booth
Tech Room / Repair Center
Guitar setup Area
Percussion Room
Horse-Head Lounge w/ pool table, TV, cable, couch, laundry room

HDP has the capacity and technology to allow clients to actually play their parts into the system (with appropriate sounds), and produce sheet music and full orchestral scores. Horse-Drawn Productions is one of the few studios with these capabilities in the Chicagoland area.

Horse-Drawn Productions has a strong business and working relationship with most of the studios and musicians in Chicago. They also hold some key
cooperative contacts with the biggest jingle houses in Chicago.
Founder Eric Nelson Yoder has a list of credits and talents, the scope of which is rare in the music world.

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