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We are proud to introduce our newest program in 2017 - The Rocking Horse! - Chicago / Berwyn Music Ensemble Classes, scroll to the bottom of this page for more info! Learn to create, compose, record and perform great music with a full ensemble!

We understand how important your music is, and we want to help you become the industry leader you want to be.  That is why Horse-Drawn offers lessons and classes in all major areas. These lessons can be custom tailored to your individual needs, and can put you in the driver's seat on your own project. All of our teachers have many years experience in the music industry, and have taught both private lessons and group classes to clients all over the Midwest.  We deliver both the skills you desire, and the foundation we feel you need to accelerate your music production.  Lessons are offered in the following areas:

Front Hallway

  • Ableton Live
  • Bass (Electric and Acoustic)
  • Computers & Networking
  • DJ & Turntables
  • Drumset & Percussion
  • Engineering, Mixing & Recording
  • Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)
  • Logic Pro
  • Piano & Keyboards
  • Pro Tools
  • Programming / Track Creation
  • Video Production
  • Violin and Viola
  • Voice - male & female
  • Woodwinds


We can help you install and operate virtually any computer
 or stand-alone system, as our technicians & instructors have experience in all aspects of each division.  For example, we can install your system, and show you how to do it! We can tune your drums, and make your sound better, or show you how to learn your favorite song on guitar. We can also help you decide which keyboard is right for you.  Give us your budget, your goals, your methods, and your interests, and we can get you started today!

You may be a professional musician, playing gigs for years, but you always wanted to learn how to read music...we can help you there, too.  Don't be hesitant to ask, we have probably already done it.

Are you building a new recording studio? Are you soundproofing your basement for vocals? Are you looking to elevate your sound quality?  We can transform your home into a state-of-the-art facility, or we can simply assist you in your quest. No job is too big or small.  Our contractors provide years of experience, and will get the job done right.  If you already have the people to build it, we can simply consult on the job, to make sure you don't make any mistakes. Remember, building a studio is not at all like building an office or house. Many small items can contribute to more isolation, and can help "flatten" the sound of your room.  Nothing is worse than listening to your tracks in the studio, and then going out to your car and it sounds like crap.  Don't let your room be in this category.
Do you have a band or solo artist, and are having trouble getting gigs?  Don't feel bad, it's not easy.  Horse-Drawn is now opening a new division of the company...Booking. That's right, now we can write or record your song, mix it, master it, duplicate it, and even help you book your gigs.  Not every gig will be nationally advertised, but you have to start somewhere, why not start today?
If you can imagine it, then we can help you build it.
  If you believe, then we can help you achieve.

Music Discovery Workshop

Live music instruction taught by Wendy Van Sickel, a seasoned musician with 21 years of music experience specializing in the violin. Your child will enjoy numerous opportunities to learn about different instruments though songs, stories and creative activities. This will be an active atmosphere for children to explore and engage in musical concepts and styles.

The Music Discovery Workshop will also include a class project to be worked on over the course of the school year. As Sound Beginnings Music School is located in a professional recording studio, we will use the facility to create our own CD of music for our family and friends. Songs on the album will range from familiar children's songs as well as children's literature, such as One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish, set to music. The class project will be packed with creativity, not to mention fun!

The Workshop will also present their own variety show style, group recital at the end of the school year.

A class blog will be updated weekly for parents to keep informed of the activities and progress of our students.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-4:30 pm or 6:30-7:30 pm
Grades 1st thru 6th
Cost: is $75.00 per month /8 classes. Limited enrollment.
*There is a onetime instrument fee of $30.00

Introduction to the Violin

Live music instruction taught by Wendy Van Sickel, a seasoned musician with 21 years of music experience specializing in the violin. Your child will enjoy a group violin instruction, where bowing technique, sound production, etc will be the focus. Suzuki Method books and CDs are the materials for this class. The Violin Class uses the Suzuki Method however this class integrates learning how to read music as an important part of the program.

Performances are a fun part of Violin Class and this year will be no exception. We will have a series of performance opportunities here at the studio as well as around the community. As with the Music Discovery Workshop, the Violin Class will also put together a CD for our friends and family!

A class blog will be updated weekly for parents to keep informed of the activities, gain helpful hints on practicing, and follow the progress of the class. Visit the Violin Class Blog now and view the syllabus!

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Grades 1st thru 6th
Cost: is $75.00 per month /8 classes. Limited enrollment.

*There is a onetime instrument fee of $97.00 (this will provide the student with a violin, bow, shoulder rest, violin case, strings, music book and CD).


Guitar Instruction

Guitar instructions given as private lessons will be $20 per a half hour private lesson once a week. Class instruction will be $10 per class for a one-hour lesson given once a week. Guitar rentals are available for the cost of $7.50 per week with a $100 security deposit paid upon receiving the guitar. There are no long-term commitments involved for either the lessons or the guitar rentals other than for the current month. Rental guitars are also available for purchase, priced depending on the current condition and value of any particular instrument.

Lessons are designed to get the student playing songs, having fun, and seeing results within the first few weeks. Lessons are scheduled to attempt to meet a convenient time for both the students and the instructor.
The goal of our guitar program is to help the individual obtain the desired level of playing skill at their own personal pace of learning while having fun and experiencing satisfaction of achievement at the same time.
For the intermediate to advanced student we suggest private lessons as the best option. For the beginner or for pure recreational playing the class instruction would be the best way to start out.

Adult Guitar Class

Horse-Drawn productions are proud to present the Adult Guitar Class.

If you've ever wanted to play the guitar for enjoyment, this class is for you! The guitar class, taught by Vic Rochkus is designed for adults who want to learn some of their favorite songs on guitar.
The relaxed tone of the class makes for a friendly comfortable environment to learn the instrument you've always wanted to jam on.
Learn your favorite songs and classic songs that you can take with you wherever you go. Soon you may be the entertainment for your next cook out or get together.
Classes begin now. For more information contact Vic Rochkus at Horse-Drawn Productions.

Darlene Yoder
773.463.7970 ext. 3



*****  NEW PROGRAM STARTING IN 2017  *****

THE ROCKING HORSE! - Chicago / Berwyn Pop Music Ensemble

Learn to collaborate with band mates, put your skills to work on songs that inspire you, record your music and perform!

Ensembles will be formed according to the age and experience of applicants as well as their musical genre preference. Students do not need to be experts, but will be required to have basic skills on their instrument in order to participate. Possible instruments may include guitar, bass, drums/percussion, vocals, keyboards, DJ, beat maker, horns & woodwinds. The ensemble musicians will collaborate to create arrangements of their favorite songs or even write original material. When they are ready, the group will take the act "on the road" and perform at local open-mic nights and music venues so that they gain valuable experience in front of an audience.

This program is unique in part because it is taught in the Horse-Drawn Productions recording studio, where students have access to almost any gear and technology they might want to use to create their music. Additionally, one of the goals for every class is to prepare songs and then create professional quality recordings. Students can even take part in the production process of editing and mastering to learn how songs go from the studio to the stereo.

These exciting group classes are available starting at the beginning of the year 2017.  Applications and inquiries are being accepted now.  Class times are Thursday at 6:30 pm, Saturday at 9:30 and 11:00 am.  (Other days and times can be added to fit the needs of students.)  Ensembles are guided by a skilled producer that will be matched to the group of students and their unique music preferences. Instructors include: Saul, a teacher and engineer at Horse-Drawn Productions for the past year, Steve Butler, a producer and musician in Chicago with over 20 years in the industry, and Eric Yoder, owner of Horse-Drawn Productions.

They say 1 hour of recording or performing is as effective as 10 hours of solitary practice. Take your musical skills to the next level with The Rocking Horse.  Call 773-463-7970 ext 1 for more information.


We are adding new classes every month, so if you are looking for instruction in a classroom setting, give us a call and make your request.  Chances are, someone else is also looking for that and we can make it happen!  Classes are also available for the other instruments not mentioned above, such as DJ, Drumset, Voice & more!  Call quickly to reserve your slot.