Video Production
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Video Production

Everyday we stare at thousands of images, motion, animation, movies and screen effects on the television screen, on our computers, even on our phones.  This visual representation of your product is key standing out in a very demanding market, and Horse-Drawn is here to help guide you through this process.

Our video production team, under the leadership of Fil Kinetic, can provide the excitement you need to add to your project, movie or music video.  HDP has been an industry leader for over a decade, and can provide you with the ammunition to obliterate your competition, and stand above the rest!


Planning/Thinking Ahead/Strategizing

Video production is not a one-size-fits-all item, and no two shoots are alike.  Horse-Drawn takes into consideration the results you want to achieve with your video, your style, your audience and last but not least, your budget. HDP offers a wide variety of production and post-production services and prices.  See Rates.
Normally we charge an hourly rate per hour for Shooting, Editing, etc, but we can also create a Custom Package Price based upon your Vision and your Budget.  We can create a package that will work for you.

Formulas: Normally it takes about four to five hours of editing for every hour of shooting. For example if it takes one hour for an interview, it would take about four or five hours to edit it into something wonderful and professional.

Shooting/Asset Selection/Location

Horse-Drawn Productions taps into our global network of videographers, editors and crew that allows us to film wherever you are, and bring our level of expertise to you.  In addition, HDP is constantly growing its stock video library to include diverse, current, high-quality footage allowing us to create customized video campaigns at lower prices.  Every project we conquer adds new elements to our library, and puts your ideas to work for you!

Editing, Effects, Motion and Beyond

Horse-Drawn offers a full range of post-production services to bring your message to life. We can integrate high quality graphics, animation, audio and sound design, special effects, and more, including fully licensed, original music for your background music.  We also have the ability to output your video in any format needed to meet today’s multi-faceted communications and marketing requirements.





Sharing Your Video with the World

Our diverse audio and video management platform offers solutions to manage, distribute and optimize your web presence.  As we all know, the best video in market can never rise to the top if nobody knows about it.  Creating your specialized marketing strategy is as important as the content of your video, and we are here to help increase your website traffic and promote your material to a wider audience.

We can also help you with Television, Radio and web placement for your ad campaign, and can give you the tools you need to meet and beat your competition!


No Budget, No Worries!!

We also have low budget video options, that don't break the bank, and still get you into "the scene."  We can utilize simpler camera setups, and use less space and time for simpler shoots, and documentary-style footage.  It's very important that your fans see you, as well as hear your music - this is a quick way to get in and get it going!