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Horse-Drawn Productions - Chicago Recording Studio

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Horse-Drawn Productions is a multi-faceted music company that has existed for over a decade, and includes two commercial state of the art recording studios, an international production company, a complete studio design & construction team, and employs instructors for music, DAW and computer lessons for individuals and groups.

We also repair computers, instruments, electronic equipment and speakers, as well as software and hardware upgrades, and we offer third party support for computer & musical equipment.

Horse-Drawn Productions in Berwyn/Chicago features a complete in-house rhythm section, (including, but not limited to: Drumset, Percussion, Keyboards, Upright and Electric Bass, Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar, Vocalists) programming, editing, sequencing, tracking, overdubs, fixes, CD Mastering, automation, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, class A and tube gear, and both analog and digital formats.
HDP has hired several new technicians under their wing, and now have a complete staff of highly trained repair specialists.  We can fix everything from musical instruments, amplifiers, electronics, computers, data, and we even do software upgrades and system consultation.  Having trouble with your pc? Bring it in for a free evaluation.

We are proud to announce Horse-Drawn Records’ newest program, our Music Licensing Division.  Ask about how we can make you money with the music you have already created at Horse-Drawn, or even with music from other adventures.

The facility is open 24 hrs, by appointment only.

773.463.7970  ext. 2

Studio Bookings - Darlene Yoder

Artist Management and Web Promotion - Steve "Funkworm" Butler

Graphic Design, Photography and Video Production - Fil Kinetic

Data Recovery, Equipment & Computer Repair, Music Production - Eric Nelson Yoder


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